2-D Motion Analysis System for Biomechanics, 2D Gait Analysis, Ergonomics

  • User Friendly environment
  • Easy model creation
  • Co-Ordinates Digitization from BMP and AVI files
  • Powerful functions for qualitative analysis
  • Overlaping 2 trials or more for direct comparisons
  • Graph on demand - stick figures & video all in one screen




10 reasons to choose BIOKIN 4.7 2D Motion Analysis System

1. Easy - intuitive Software.
2. Very simple measurement set-up.
3. Supports wide variety of Video Sources.
4. Utilizes semi-automatic marker recognition.
5. Can capture motion in Lab and Field environments.
6. Linear and Angular kinematics on the click of a button.
7. Graphs, Stick figures and Video synchronized in one screen.
8. Various tools to overlay and compare directly up to ten trials on Screen.
9. Can be used for simple qualitative analysis to deep biomechanical research.
10. Easy export of Data in Microsoft Office and other applications using clipboard.


Easy to Use

Unlike other motion analysis systems, BIOKIN 2D doesn’t require an engineering degree. It has been designed for the Coach the, the Clinician, the Sports Scientist etc. The software offers a user friendly interface to make the measurement and analysis processes an easy task. You won’t have to spend time on complex training courses. Within a few hours you will be able to start enjoying motion analysis.

Vertex Model Selection

Select the vertexes of the body you would like to trace. Select or create a new vertex model. This model defines the vertexes on the subjects body, you would like to analyse and the angles of body segments that interest you.

Camera setup

Decide for the best camera set up in order to capture the volume of the movement. Arrange the camera perpendicular to the line of action and get ready to shot the movie.


Capture an object of known dimensions such as a 1m ruler placed on the plane of action. This object will be used to scale the captured video in real dimensions. You can reuse this calibration for multiple trials as long as the camera is fixed.

Video capturing

Create trials using the video capture module and capture the movement.

Clip Selection

Select the start frame and the last frame of the clip you would like to analyse to create the frame selection.

Digitization / Tracking

Digitize the movement frame by frame. If you used markers to tag the landmarks of your moving subject then you can take advantage of the automatic tracking system which will identify white and colored markers automatically.


Calculate trajectories, angles, segment angles, linear and angular velocities and accelerations, center of mass etc. Visualize the results using graphs, stick figures and videos. Click on screen to measure any distance or angle. Mark video key moments to automatically extract values for selected moments.

Movement Comparison

Just select 2 - 10 trials and animate them simultaneously. Synchronization of all trials can be done in a specific key moment or a specific vertex. This can be very useful for example to coaches in order to locate movement differences between trials, as well as feedback to athletes to understand the coach directions.

Easy Export

BIOKIN 2D make it easy to get the measured data from the system into the Microsoft® Office set of desktop applications. This is useful when you want to do further data analysis or processing in Microsoft® Excel or refine a report in Microsoft® Word. All diagrams and images can be copied to the Windows clipboard and pasted in any Windows application

Other Uses

BIOKIN 2D can be used for other types of analyses as well:

You can leave out kinematic analysis and just use the video clips for qualitative video analysis (no measurement).

Alternatively you may want to use the 2D still image measurement: Select a video frame and accomplish your measurement of an angle or a distance with a few mouse clicks.